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You're the owner of an adult website with a small audience and you can't find an advertising network that suits your needs: offers you a simple and effective solution.

① Registration - 1:1 banner exchange

You simply display the network's banners, and in return your banners are displayed on the entire network of affiliates. To be accepted, your site must not be exposed to artificial, low-quality traffic.

It's a 1-for-1 advertising exchange! By displaying a banner (300 x 250 format) on your site, your banner is displayed once on another site, so that as many people as possible can see your website!

The formats accepted to make a banner exchange are as follows:

٭Size must be 300 x 250.
٭Formats can be .gif, .jpg, .png.
٭File size must not exceed 100kb.

After joining, you'll receive an HTML code to insert into your web page. This HTML code will automatically display an exchange banner on your web page, and in return you'll generate advertising credits for your banners.

Site URL
Banner URL
The banner must measure 300 x 250 pixels.

❝But that's not all... A simple banner exchange is not enough !❞

② How does the Co-op work?

You can participate in the free banner exchange in 2 different ways.

The first way is to add the html code provided after registration directly to your web pages.

The second way is to fill in the following form, which allows you to distribute a unique exchange code, and earn credits on 4 compatible banner exchanges.You can earn credits on,, and by broadcasting our unique exchange code

You need to install a test script in 300x250 format and after a 15-day trial period, you'll know whether your site has been accepted for the Co-op: we prefer quality visits to quantity (incentives, pop-up views... authorized).

③ Generate your own 300x250 script.

For your code to work 100%, you'll need to enter your Adultxtraffic and Nikkiexxxads Id. But this is not compulsory and you can decide not to participate! Credits generated will be attributed to

Please fill in the form below to generate your test code

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